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About the product

  • 【2020 automatic cpap cleaning machine】- This newest small, lightweight cpap cleaner makes cleaning your equipment a breeze. 360 degree all-round no dead angle cleaning, only takes 25 minutes, clean is faster and more thorough. It eliminates more than 99.99% of germs and bacteria that are found in cpap Equipment (cpap machine, tubing, regular & heated hose..) Meanwhile, the optimized product design enables faster generation of ozone during start-up and faster dissipation
  • 【Economical & Safe】 - No extra expense for filters or chemicals. No maintenance other than charging on the unit. No filters, liquids etc. Just plug in and use. ZERO attachments needed for this cleaner.
  • 【Easy to use】- One-button control, no need for setting. Just attach and go away. You just charge it up, plug your cpap hose in, tuck the accessories into the bag, push one button, and in 25 minutes it's clean.. Requires no soap, water, cleaning solutions or on-going maintenance.
  • 【Portable & Ultra Quiet】- The cpap cleaner weighs only 0.5 pound, you can take anywhere with you. Enjoy fully clean and bacteria free cpap equipment at home or while you travel.
  • 【Note】- This product does not include tube and a bag. Meanwhile it may leaves a little odor after use, don't worry, it is completely safe.

Product description

Moocoo cpap cleaner is a portable cpap/bipap cleaning unit and is intended to be used in the home and travel. A user who uses cpap equipment can use the Moocoo to have a simple clean when one fails to follow daily cleaning procedures or wants the added benefit of a thorough cleaning in addition to daily cleaning. The Moocoo has optimized its cleaning cycle to 25 minutes including desired time with activated oxygen and one minute with fresh air blowing for reducing the odor.

Significant Advantages over other Brands

360 degree all-round no dead angle cleaning.The cpap cleaner produces ozone faster during use and dissipates faster after clean.
Eliminates 99.99% of the bacteria produced by cpap equipment (cpap machines, Regular & Heated Hoses pipes and accessories, etc.)
Standard Pipe Connector - Compatible with all kinds of brand cpap machines.

Operation description

Before using, please unplug the power of the respirator, clear the water of the humidifier and connect the pipe.
In order to improve the quality of clean, it is best to be placed in a closed space for clean, and you can choose the portable bag of the respirator

How to operate this cpap cleaner?

Turn on: press the switch button. The buzzer rings 1 time (Short sound), and the work indicator lights (green), then the disinfection machine begins to work.
Turn off: After the end of the clean work, the buzzer rings 3 times (interval), the machine automatically turns off and the work light extinguishes. If the work process needs to be terminated, the power button can be pressed and the machine will be turned off manually. The buzzer will ring I time before the shutdown (long sound) suggesting that it has been turned off, the work lights go out work.

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