Moocoo 2 In 1 Multifunction CPAP Cleaner for CPAP Mask and Equipment

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About the product

  • This cleaner harnesses the power of ozone, which reacts 3,000 times faster than chlorine, Ensuring safety and cleanliness of your hose, mask, Cushion and CPAP machine & reservoir. Connects to all brand CPAP models benefit from two adapters included.
  • The only portable CPAP cleaner features three cleaning cycle options: 1 Time mode 2 Intermittent mode 3 Continuous mode. Meet different situations and various needs.
  • This bundle includes the CPAP cleaner, Sealed bag, 2 x Upgraded Heated hose adapters, USB power cable and AC adapter. A heated tube adapter ensures proper functionality when your unit is connected to our CPAP Cleaner.
  • The most lightweight, portable CPAP Cleaner in the world, Weighing less than 0.3 pounds and measuring just 3.9” x 2.4”, you can take it to anywhere you want.
  • Maintenance Free: Requires NO maintenance like other devices. Requires no soap, water, cleaning solutions or on-going maintenance.

Moocoo 2019 2in1 Multifunction CPAP Cleaner for CPAP Mask and Equipment - Includes USB Adapter, Heated Hose Adapter & Sealed Bag

Product description

Your CPAP machine is the key to a better night’s rest despite your sleep apnea.You must also clean it often to keep safety and cleanliness of your hose, mask, Cushion and CPAP machine & reservoir. A CPAP cleaner is faster and more convenient than trying to clean your CPAP equipment by hand.

This Moocoo 2019 2in1 Multifunction Cleaner also works well as a portable cleaner because it’s so small at less than half a pound. It can fit in the palm of your hand. The device is extremely quiet. A bonus is that it will also clean the humidifier chamber if your CPAP has that feature. It takes 30 minutes for the cleaning cycle and requires you to slip your CPAP mask and hose inside a bag attached to the Moocoo.

The battery is rechargeable, so you will occasionally need to plug it in and allow it to boost for two hours. You can also plug the device into the wall to run if your battery is low. It comes with AC and USB charging cables;

This bundle included with the CPAP Cleaner are a heated tube adapter and an AirMini adapter which covers all brands CPAP machines.In addition, the upgraded high quality sealed bag also included.

The Only Creative Three Working mode:

Timer mode
Start automatically after 1 min and turn off after 35 min
Clean fully automatic your CPAP Equipment (machine, tubing, and mask...) in 35 min.

Intermittent mode
Working for 1 min, stop 10 min,loop this pattern
Very suitable for household clean

Continuous mode
Continue to produce ozone
Personalize your CPAP clean time, you can stop or extend the clean time at any time based on your time.

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