Moocoo Replacement Foam Filters for Philips Respironics For M Series & PR System One & SleepEasy Series (30 PCS)

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About the product

    • 【COMPATIBLE & PERFECT FIT WITH VARIOUS SLEEP EQUIPMENT MACHINES】- Fits All Philips Respironics M Series, PR System One Series, SleepEasy Machine! Each filter to fit your machine precisely.
    • 【PREMIUM QUALITY CLEANFLOW TECHNOLGY】- The reusable black foam filter is to block large particulate matter, the disposable white ultra fine filter is to block fine particles. Use them together to provide the cleanest air.
    • 【KEEP YOUR MACHINE RUNNING LONGER AND MORE EFFICIENTLY】- Not Only Do Our Filters Help Keep Your Lungs Clean, But It Also Prevents Dust, Dirt, and Other Buildups from Entering Your Motor.
    • 【30 PCS ECONOMICAL SET】- Include 15 Pcs Reusable Black Foam Filters and 15 Pcs Disposable White Ultra Fine Filters, replace your filter every two weeks is recommended. But if you are in a particularly dirty or dusty environment, you may choose to replace your filters more often. This one set full satisfy at least one year needs.
    • 【100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE】- If you're ever unsatisfied with the product, we will refund your order. No Questions Asked!

Product description


Compatible Machine
All M Series
All PR System One Series
SleepEasy Machines

Benefit of Changing the Air Filter

Filters are critical components in keeping a sleep equipment unit running longer and more efficiently. A filter captures a wide assortment of dust, pollen and contaminated air particles. These small dust particles, if not captured by effective filters, will accumulate inside the machine and eventually work there way to the airway of the user.

About Disposable Fine Filters

Made of High-quality fine mesh paper, they are designed to improve the quality of the air you breathe and keep harmful toxins out of your body. A disposable filter is exactly what the name sounds like: it should be disposed of and replaced when the filter begins to look discolored, or after a certain period of time.

About Black Reusable Foam Filters

The black foam filters is to block large particulate matter. More dense which can better block more particulate matter. Foam filters should be replaced every two weeks and cleaned with a gentle detergent often

When should I conduct a filter replacement?

It is generally recommended to change out the ultra- fine disposable filters and Black Reusable Foam Filters twice a month. If you are in a particularly dirty or dusty environment, you may choose to replace your filters more often.


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